Christmas 2009...Shipped To Texas

Dear Diary,
It's been at least two weeks since my last entry, but I've been on a long trip from Seattle, Washington to....I'm not sure yet, but I think it's someplace in Texas. You see, I was suddenly placed in a box full of newspaper, plastic bags (thankfully not over my head), cardboard and those styrofoam peanut thingys. When the box was taped shut, I couldn't see a thing, and I wasn't sure what was happening until I heard the Postman say, "That'll be $15.79 for shipping to Texas. Anything breakable, or hazzardous and so on.

Right then I knew that 'The Lady' had sold me on eBay. Here's the picture she took of me for the listing...
I was so embarrassed when I saw the picture on her computer. My dress is too big and torn, the slip was a hand me down, my shoes are three sizes to large and my hair...well, Diary, it's all tangled and matted and wadded up in a thing called a scrunchy.

The next thing I know, I'm being lifted out of the box and when the plastic and peanuts were brushed from my face, I opened my eyes to a crowd of smiling faces. It's Christmas! I had no idea until I saw the Christmas Tree and the room full of kids and grownups who looked so happy and surprised to see me! I wonder which little girl is going to be mine this Christmas?

Imagine my surprise, Diary, when the lady who opened the box, hugged and kissed me and said to the man standing next to her, "Thank-you, Santa"!

I've made lots of trips this time of year, and been lots of different little girls Christmas gift. But, there's something funny about this Christmas. The man doesn't look like the Santa I know, and I'm not usually shipped in a UHaul Box.
I guess I'll figure it out tomorrow. For now, I'm going to get a good nights sleep in this pretty bed.

PS...The 'New Lady' called me SaraJane and you know, there is something familiar about her.


  1. Anonymous12/16/2009

    What a GREAT gift and surprise for you. How sweet and thoughtful is that for Wayne to think of that. I bet the whole crew had a hand in it. Can't wait to see Sara Jane's first new "outfit" you make for her. Really sweet story!

  2. SaraJane looks happy to be in her new home. You will spoil her with new clothes and I may have to knit something for her.

  3. Anonymous12/16/2009

    This is great Sue! It brought tears to my eyes--because I was there and saw SaraJane come home!! And the look on her mama's face---PRICELESS!!!
    Love you. Linda

  4. Thanks for sharing Sara Jane's story with us. I know you will be a great mama to her. She's already looking as if she belongs with your family. Love her new dress.
    What a great Christmas story.

  5. Oh yippeee.............You got me now. When are we getting the next chapter. 'ya know the one about the bath and the beauty shop. And where did the beautiful new dress come from. Shoes too? And like uh,,,,,,,,,will Sarajane get a special pressie this Christmas too? Other than her new mamma of course.

  6. Hey Mollye....Good Questions! I made the dress and you'll have to come back for the 'Bath & Beauty Shop Makeover' and the 'Oh! So Fun Shopping for Shoes'! SaraJane has lots to tell!

  7. Sue, I just added my name as a follower. Since we share the same name I want to know what she is up to. ~ Another SarahJane in TX.


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